Sponsor Visa for Egyptian dentist to work as dental assistant

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Jun 11, 2015
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I am Egyptian Dentist, I have been graduated from Cairo University -Egypt, I got Bachelor’s degree of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery since 2001.

I would like to work any available dental job like dental assistant or any other vacant positions.

I will require sponsor to work in USA , I don't think about salary at all (any) , I just need help my son.

I made contact to some places to work but they don't have sponsor visa.

I have experience in management and administration in Ministry of Health in Egypt, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

Also I have experience in assisting because I worked as an assistant for some maxillofacial surgeons in Malaysia under General Anesthesia and Local Anesthesia.

I would like to catch any dental opportunity job to help my son, because he has mild Autism and we would like to move to USA due to presence many powerful school programs dealing with Autism and unfortunately we don't have autistic schools in middle east countries like schools in USA and this consideration is the main reason for moving to USA plus improvement level of education , life quality and living style for my family.

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