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Sports Medicine via ER


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15+ Year Member
Sep 30, 2003
  1. Medical Student
I was looking at the sports medicine fellowships that allow an ER residency as a prerequisite. Is anyone interested in this? I was thinking about it, and would like more information, including what kind of jobs would be available to you. I understand that you may have a different role than if you did sports med via Family Practice.

beyond all hope

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15+ Year Member
Dec 18, 2003
EM sports medicine tends to be more acute injury oriented, ie being at the game as a team doc. However, sports medicine is not so defined as to have that many distinctions. EM docs can have their own sports medicine clinics, working by themselves or in conjunctions with orthopods, just like family docs.

EM docs take a huge hit in pay doing sports medicine, which is why you rarely see/hear about it.

I am interested in sports medicine but I'll probably end up doing critical care.
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