May 20, 2014
Due to some very complicated reasons, it only recently came to my attention that I can do an SMP in the US.

Quick stats:
Finished UG at U of Toronto (Canadian)
cGPA = 3.63 (3.71 without my two lowest courses - just to show there are outliers lol)
Good upward trend: 1st year 3.09 , 2nd year 3.67, 3rd year 3.87, 4th year 3.96.
MCAT = 10 (BS), 10 (PS), 8 (VR)
Almost too much research extracurriculars and some average community/medical volunteering

Some facts:
Due to some other complicated reasons, the earliest time I can enrol in an MD program would be Fall 2017.
Until then, I will be rewriting the MCAT and if I don't do an SMP, I will be doing some sort of Masters program in Canada, USA or Europe.
Since I will be studying the MCAT and most SMP deadlines already passed, the earliest SMP I can enrol in would be Spring 2016.
I found a couple of SMPs offered in the spring and their deadline still didn't pass: USC MSGM, MSBS/MBS at Rutgers, Mississipi MSc in Bio, UPenn LPS pre-health specialized studies, WSU BMS, and Barry BMS.

- Do you think I should do an SMP at all (given that I will do a "hard science" masters otherwise anyway)? I heard SMPs are designed to raise GPA, not the MCAT score, so they look for applicants with a high MCAT.
- Some of the above SMPs are offered at some pretty prestigious universities, do I stand a chance (e.g. UPenn and USC)?
- Any other spring admission SMPs I don't know of? Any suggestions with regard to the above list (any advice would be appreciated)?

I already did some research on the website, but every case is different, which is why I need your help on my specific situation.. Thank you.