St. Christopher's : Any info????

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Jun 4, 2001
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Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to know if anyone of you has heard of St. Christopher's Medical School in Cambridge, England. Apparently, they have this program where you take your classes in England but after your first two years you go back to the U.S to do your clinical work. They say it's in accordance with U.S work. Did anyone go there, is there anything I should know about this school? :confused:


i have seen some posts about it on another board...it is a school that is chartered in Africa somewhere, so it is not an English school. they just operate the campus there. there seem to be a lot of mixed feelings on this school...from what i can tell, if you can get in to a more reputable carib or european school, you will prob be better off. it seems to be basically a carib school with a campus in england.