St. Joseph Medical Center GPR Open Position in Reading, PA

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Nov 20, 2023
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We have one open spot at the GPR program at Penn State Health: St. Joseph Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. Small program, 4 residents. There are 5 attendings(myself included). All residents get a dedicated assistant. We have two hygienists. You are guaranteed to place at least 4 implants, most of our residents place more. Tons of implant restorations and traditional crown and bridge. Lots of removable as well. Our residents also do plenty of endo. We have a microscope to help you with the endo and restorative procedures. Residents also do invisalign cases. Call schedule is pretty light and lifestyle friendly. Great salary and benefits and CE allowance. If you are interested, DM me. Thank you.

Here's a link to the program: Dental Residency (Reading, Pa.) - Penn State College of Medicine Residencies and Fellowships

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