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Staff Pharmacist Opportunities in Missouri (5 needed)

GRN Pharm Recru

New Member
10+ Year Member
Apr 16, 2008
Opportunity Title: Staff Pharmacist (5 needed)

Location: Missouri

Contact Info: Judy Soliman at (309) 661-9600 x106 or via email at [email protected] if interested or know someone interested. Please visit our website at www.grnbloomington-south.com for additional insights and information.

Background/ Qualifications Required:

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy or PharmD from an accredited college of Pharmacy.

LICENSURE: Licensed (or eligible) in the State of Missouri to Practice Pharmacy. 15 hours of continuing education annually; 30 hours continuing education every 2 years for license renewal.

a. Experience with unit-dose systems, IV Admixture programs, and in-service programs to public, healthcare professionals, and providing clinical pharmacy services.
b. Experience in computer applications to pharmacy services.
c. Experience in pre-packing\batch preparation\compounding skills.

a. Ability to accurately input medications, dosages, strengths into pharmacy computer system.
b. Able to speak clearly in order to communicate with ancillary medical professionals on drug therapy.
c. Able to type and utilize computer keyboard/computer/mouse to accurately input data.
d. Able to answer the telephone in order to take and receive and relay, interpret, analyze questions follow-up.

a. Ability to communicate, clearly, handle telephone, take and deliver messages and interact with other health care practitioners for the benefit of providing quality patient care.
b. Able to function as a team player.
c. Able to problem solve through individual and group interaction dealing with others in order to meet the needs and expectations of the customer.
d. Able to be flexible with personal schedule to meet department staffing requirements.

a. Ability to lift and push varying degrees of weight (not to exceed 50
b. Ability to constantly move in/out of department, standing, sitting,
walking to fill orders, retrieve medications, deliver, answer phones
(several), trips to and from the nursing units, writing orders, doing patient
consults, providing drug information; to be able to operate, understand and
functionally perform the computer operation as and other pharmacy

a. Able to manipulate numbers and interchange from metric/apothecary measures, and handle dosage calculations.
b. Able to read, interpret data/analyze written medication order and converse with physicians on suggested/recommended therapy adjustments/changes etc. toward a positive outcome.
c. Able to calculate, manipulate and state correct dosages/adjustments.
d. Able to assimilate, comprehend, understand physician orders/requests and understand written/verbal requests.
e. Ability to multi-task without losing focus.
f. Able to adapt to priority requests, shifts and changing healthcare environment through the use of organizational skills.
g. Able to assess, evaluate phone messages, patient therapy, potential drug interactions,
adverse drug interactions and meeting customer needs.
h. Able to use short and long term memory in order to report between shifts, drug therapy decisions with physicians.
i. Alert and focus on task/activity and not become overwhelmed when handling medication requests.

· Able to visually assess written physicians orders, review patient charts, reports, audits to make informed decisions, etc. for further processing.
· Able to hear in order to handle phone requests from ancillary medical personnel, physicians regarding patient pharmaceutical therapy, both to send and receive.
· Able to visually assess colors in order to determine if appropriate solutions\dosage form were accurately dispensed or mixed.

Company Highlights:
· Our client is a large community-based hospital focused on patient safety and commitment to clinical excellence.
· To support their impressive growth, they look to add 5 Staff Pharmacists to their expanding Pharmacy.
· Benefits include comprehensive health care coverage, paid vacation and a $5,000 sign on bonus.
· They honor the importance of a work-life balance and offer a competitive salary.

The Staff Pharmacist position requires an understanding of the various work functions and activities associated with unit dose drug distribution, intravenous admixture services (compounded sterile products), computerized pharmacy services, and the provision of drug information to the Medical, Nursing and Ancillary staffs, and the community in keeping with the JCAHO, Department of Health and Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations. More specifically, the pharmacist, under the direction of the Team Leader, will provide for patient medication monitoring, assessment, drug usage evaluations and will supervise, monitor and check the work performed by pharmacy technicians.

Employees are responsible for the following behaviors:
Accountability, Communication, Appearance, Confidentiality/Privacy, Attitude and Courtesy

Employees in this position are responsible for the following functional competencies:
Adaptability, Emotional Stamina, Care Management, Impact, Coaching, Job Fit, Communication, Sensitivity, Customer Focus and Work Standards.
Employees in this position perform the following technical competencies:
· Fill and/or check drug orders received in pharmacy according to established standards, rules and regulations.
· Complete the data entry required for medication order transcription into the pharmacy computer system. Maintain records as required (i.e. chemotherapy, preparation and checking records)
· Prepares intravenous solutions (compounded sterile products) or checks those prepared by technicians.
· Checks patient profile for errors, drug interactions, allergies, therapeutic duplications and follow-up.
· Checks unit dose carts for correct drug dosage forms, dosage schedule, dosage strength and quantity dispensed.
· Checks unit dose packaging completed by technicians.
· Interprets and clarifies unclear, ambiguous or incorrect physician orders.
· Communicates drug information to physicians, nurses and various paramedical personnel over phone, in writing, through committee or whatever means available.
· Handles non-formulary drug orders per department standard.
· Obtains new, unusual drug or other requested by physician.
· Provides for patient drug regimen review for inpatients, which includes patient care rounds, assessment and conferencing.
· Performs monthly unit/clinic inspections.
· Records in the loan and borrow book those items obtained, exchanged, borrowed from other hospitals or pharmacies.
· Participates in orientation and training new pharmacy staff.
· Functions as pharmacy liaison with the nursing units in regards to missing or misfilled medications.
· Responds to telephone calls and messages in a professional manner. Refers these calls and messages to the appropriate person in a timely and accurate manner.
· Provides consultative services as requested by physicians. (pharmokinetic monitoring, drug regimen review to identify possible solutions per physicians request)
· Directs and assists technicians with their duties to fulfill customer service expectations.
· Performs other duties as requested or assigned.
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