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starting a program?


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 24, 2001
Well, my program doesn't start in 4 weeks, but I am going to start a PA program also. My program starts in January. Are you getting nervous yet?

Congrats on your acceptance! Where are you going?
I'm getting nervous off
and on. Mostly though
I'm excited. I'm moving
from a small mountain in CO
to the "Big" city of Denver
to attend CU. It will be
an interesting transition.
From what I've been told
from 2nd year students, the
first semester is the
toughest (Anatomy especially).
Aparently students average between
80-100 hours/week in class
and studying. Guess I won't
have time for the PGA tour. :p

Where will you be starting?
Have you recieved your
book/equipment list yet? Yikes!
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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 24, 2001
I am from ND and will be starting a program in NYC! Yowsers! I am getting nervous and excited waiting for things to start. No, I have not received my booklist and equipment list yet, althought I wish I had since my birthday is next week and everyone keeps asking what I need for the program.

I am afraid of leaving my family and LTR, yet am excited to live in the Big Apple and work in some of the best hospitals in the country.

I have also heard that the first year is brutal. A few pointers I have been given is to keep up an exercise program to relieve the stress and tension, eat a balanced diet (I guess it's easy to get stuck living on coffee and energy bars),
and to take one night a week to hang out with non-medical people to keep your life from losing perspective.

Well, I've rambled on long enough for now...


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Nov 24, 2001
  1. Resident [Any Field]
good luck to both of you. In a year, you will be astonished by how much you have learned. You will also learn the "dirty little secret" of the profession---not all PA`s are created equal. Do your best -- exceed the requirements---and even though it might not show in your grades, you will separate from the pack once you grad.
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