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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by kitnan, Jun 24, 2002.

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    Jun 22, 2002
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    After completing my Transitional residency, I took some time off instead of going directly into a Pathology residency. I then applied to some programs, with no luck. It is now four years since my Transitional year and I'm stuck. I've even tried for observerships and volunteer positions and still nothing. I don't know were to begin again or if I can.
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    In your approach to your applications, have you offered a reasonable explanation for the time off that you took? I'm not asking for specifics for you to post here. Also, have you noted what you had been doing during that time that might be medically related? You have to find a way to account for the time that the powers that be would consider as reasonable and then show why you are still a viable candidate. You may need to find ways to strengthen your application, perhaps with research, for example.

    Also to consider: You might just have to forgo pathology for now, and look towards some of the programs that are open and actively looking to fill, especially Family Practice that offers positions all year round. Good luck.
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    BTW: you'll have to repeatedly explain the *missing years*. I used to do physician credentialing (for insurance companies, hospitals, physician practices, medical society, etc) and every physician had to give an explanation for any time off (other than that scheduled into your program) after they began medical school.

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