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  1. islandmed10


    Sep 10, 2010
    Does anyone know if SGU has a minimum science GPA and how the admission committee looks at multiple MCAT attempts? Do they take the best score from each section or just the highest overall score?

  2. Richardh

    Richardh 2+ Year Member

    Jul 3, 2008
    to islandmed10-avg gpa for sgu is in the range of 3.0-3.5 and the avg mcat for sgu is in the range of 25-27. i think sgu tends to look at the most recent score. the school isn't listed (under the aamc website mcat score release page) where you can choose which mcat scores you can send out.
  3. Richardh

    Richardh 2+ Year Member

    Jul 3, 2008
    if you have taken multiple times as long as you have shown improvement i think you will be fine. the great thing about sgu in my opininon is that my friend who applied there was accepted after taking more than 7 times the mcat. she was a pre-med who happen to take one of the last paper based mcat exam in april but she didn't do well. she then retook it in sept but didn't do well again (i don't know why she didn't study hard). the following year mcat was now given in computer based formate. she took it now on the computer and (as you guessed it) didn't do well. at this point already 3 tries she has attempted the mcat. but strangely, she was showing some improvment :thumbup: finally on her 7th or so attempt this year she got a score within the avg. she applied and got accepted in the august class of this year :)
  4. Richardh

    Richardh 2+ Year Member

    Jul 3, 2008
    if you feel that your academic record/background needs some explanation (such as for instance multiple takes on the mcat) there is an optional essay offered during the sgu application form. my friend wrote out exactly how she took many times of the mcat. i think her genuine honesty and determination (for not giving up) got the school's attention :D
  5. Inception8888

    Inception8888 5+ Year Member

    Apr 11, 2011

    I have never taken the MCAT yet. I am still trying to finish up my pre-requisites in order to apply to SGU School of Medicine. I was always told to first apply to US medical schools and only apply to SGU if you cannot land into a US medical school. I already know that I do not have a chance of getting into a US medical school since my undergrad GPA was not too strong and I had some additional bumps in undergraduate school.

    That's why I concluded that I should consider only applying to SGU School of Medicine. I have heard amazing things about the school and more importantly it is a second chance option to aspiring physicians.

    Here is my situation. My undergrad GPA was a bad 2.71GPA and my science scores are not complete since I have not taken all my sciences yet. During my undergrad years I was placed on academic probation twice and was dismissed by my university for not raising up my grades. I then applied to another university, got accepted and finished up my BA.

    However, in my undergrad years I was in the honors program, received a transfer award scholarship, received a semester of the dean's honor list and trustee's honors list, received a certification as a nursing assistant, working for almost 4 years at a hospital unit along with other various units where I learned about patient care and working with a varitey of doctors and nurses, and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa. I also traveled abroad to England where I studied the National Healthcare System along with other subjects.

    Right after, undergrad school was over, I immediately started graduate school and finished my masters where I received a 3.54GPA and I started my second masters in public health with a concentratio in health policy & law at a medical school, where my GPA is around 3.71. I have written various papers for my classes from healthcare business, epidemiology presentations, environmental health presentations, public health papers and health policy papers.

    I know that I can get excellent letters of recommendation from my public health professors who are mainly PhD's and MD's.

    As you can see, I have majorly turned around, academically, from my undergrad days to my grad days.

    When I talked to some counselors at SGU, they said they have grade forgiveness in which the admissions committee will not calculate the lower grade if the course was re-taken and a higher grade was received. For example, if you received a D in Chemistry and you retake it and got an A, they will see the both grades, but they will only calculate the A. They will notice the bad grade, but they will take the improvement in great consideration.

    I have always been very good in interviews and my writing skills have always been "A" quality.

    The only thing that I worry about is how the admissions committee will view my undergrad years, althought I did great things too in my undergrad years. I know there is a section on the application process where you can discuss what happened that caused the probation and/or dismissal from the institution.

    I can meet every criteia that SGU requires, but my academic past in undergrad school constantly haunts me.

    Any advice would be extremely helpful.
  6. Journey2become

    Journey2become 2+ Year Member

    Mar 7, 2011
    I wouldn't discount US medical schools just yet - unless you ultimately want to go abroad. If you are interested in US schools you could always contact their admissions office to see if you would be automatically screened out because of your UG past. If you are not automatically screened out your application has a lot of redeeming qualities and tells the story of a maturing individual. This of course assuming that you do well on the MCAT. This would be my opinion even if you were applying to only MD schools in the states (it would help if your instate schools had slightly lower averages - or states that have several medical schools that are heavily instate favorable such as Florida). On the other hand, if you have considered going DO then they too also do the grade substitution which would also considerably bring up you UG GPA. Ultimately I feel that you will achieve your goal no matter which path you end up choosing. Part of the strategy is apply broadly - in your case this should probably be US MD/DO and the top Caribbean schools, then if you get multiple acceptances you can choose based on the schools themselves. If you only get accepted to one - well then you know where to go :)!
  7. CrunchBox11


    Jan 4, 2011
    Hi Inception,

    While you're right in saying that your undergrad grades will follow you wherever you go, I wouldn't sell yourself short at all given the way you have bounced back from your "darker days"! You should be proud of the path that you have taken since graduating college - receiving two Master's degrees (and excelling in each program) is no easy feat...and when you combine that with a couple of LORs from some PhDs and MDs, I'd say you put yourself in a pretty good position :)

    If you plan on applying for the August 2011 semester, the deadline is June 15th, and it's rolling admissions so the sooner you get your application in the better!!

    All the best!

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