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Stats opinion!

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by Stomatologist, Sep 10, 2001.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have been an active reader but never posted a topic in the past. Now I need some help.
    I just took the DAT yesterday: Bio 23, Gen Chem 25, Org 26, Read 20, Percep. 20, Quant 25. I have a 3.90 GPA, 3.97 in biology major, estensive research esperience in developmental biology.
    I am feeling kind of bad about the 20 in perceptual (really dont know what happened I was scoring in the 22-23 range in the practice tests, I guess it was a bad day for my eyes).
  2. crimson

    crimson What up Smokey!
    10+ Year Member

    Jul 29, 2001
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    dude, u shd chill. one is not expected to blaze every little part of the application. you have a great score overall.
    anyways, while it is still fresh in your system, any advise for the DAT? things that you wished you had done? not done?
    thanks and best of luck.
  3. First of all, sorry about the typo in the previous posting (extensive).

    Best advice,

    Use the MCAT biology prep. book from kaplan to cover human bio/phys, for the animal and plant section the kaplan books does not cover all the information that might appear in the actual DAT. In addition, the classification system they use (Kingdoms etc) has been updated, and obviously kaplan hasnt issued a new edition of their DAT book since back in the 90's. For that section use a current Biology text book. The DAT kaplan book has a strong ecology and animal behavior coverage, in my opinion those sections were ok.
    For the perceptual you can use Kaplan's and Barrons' materials for practice, that for sure is going to improve your score.
    Final advice, last week before the test do several mock exams (topscore CD, kaplan, Barrons etc) and concentrate in your errors. Study hard and there should'nt be a problem.

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