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Aug 28, 2002
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I have the option of delaying my BS degree another semester or graduate and finish my pre-reqs post-bacc.

Would it be better to improve my undergrad science gpa a little by retaking a "D" grade in plant biology 200 and starting my chemistry 1 course or would it be better to just finish the undergrad and start fresh with post-bacc courses?

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Jan 29, 2002
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Personally, I'd just graduate and go back as a post-bacc. I graduated in the spring and I'll be going back next winter (I was on the quarter system) to take a DNA course. I finished all of my pre-med prereq's while in my undergrad studies - but why delay graduation for classes that aren't in your major? Also, post-bacc classes will give you a post-bacc GPA - which is a good thing.

If you weren't a science major, some schools also have a pre-med post-bacc program, which you can finish in about two years (since general chem is a pre-req for organic chem).

Good luck!
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