USMLE Step 1 Online Study Buddy for mid-August 2020 (5 weeks out)

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Aug 14, 2019
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In addition to posting in the study buddy megathread, I hope those here who are interested in such an arrangement will message me as soon as possible. Thanks!

1) Test Date: mid-August 2020

2) Location: EST (US MD)

3) Stage of Studying:
- Much of UWorld still left to cover (~50% ): aim to cover at least 60 Qs/day w/o rushing or being too slow
*taking the time to thoroughly cover full length of UWorld explanation (not just educational objective) with someone to aid in question interpretation and improve recognition of various images/ audio files (eg. heart sounds) within the scope of Step 1
- review self-made Anki cards together to utilize spaced repetition and aid in retention/ understanding (slow is fast)
- no GOAL score in mind atm: just aiming to do the best I can do while avoiding failure

4) Type of Study Buddy: Skype ONLY (no webcam necessary, audio/ screen-sharing works just fine); USMLE Step 1

5) Goal of Study Buddy:
- Due to COVID-19, my exam has been rescheduled to August from its original date in April. Therefore, working with others would help me stick to a regimented schedule that promotes accountability, understanding, and active learning strategies.
- 2 minds > 1 mind
- w/i next 5 weeks, complete remainder of UWorld Qs together (ALL systems and subjects combined) → create own Anki cards (which I can immediately share following session if you too decide to add to your own deck)
- assistance completing due Anki cards +/- new cards: these add up quickly and tend to take up a lot of the day since my pace is much slower when I'm not reviewing with someone → avoid falling too far behind + to aid in high-yield discussions/ integration of content, identify weaknesses in understanding, strengthen retention, and speed recall (especially useful strategy for pharmacology)
- this is an opportunity for 2 strangers who may or may not ever meet to help each other along in their respective journeys in medicine. Let's focus on improving our performance with honest feedback, a commitment to oneself and the study buddy, and a chill vibe

6) Misc Info/Obligations/Other:
- WANT/NEED to start ASAP
- Only contact me if you are able to commit DAILY for either at least 2-3 hours sessions and/ or up to 6 hours over the NEXT 5 WEEKS (~until mid-August). Consistency and routine are VITAL at this stage.
- Ideal hours would be:
* 4a-12p (mainly UWorld Qs +/- NEW Anki cards)
* 1-4p (Uworld + review Anki cards)
* 5:30-7p (review Anki cards only → aids in accountability/ productivity during late evening hours)

Thanks and gluck to everyone!

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