May 24, 2009
Medical Student
Has anyone ever looked at the Step 1 score breakdowns in Charting Outcomes and related that to percentiles on Step 1? I'm referring to the breakdowns in each specific specialty i.e. 88 Anesthesiology candidates in the match had between a 241 and 250, etc.

Could you add up all of the scores in each range and come up with a distribution in that fashion?

For example, >241 = 17.5% of total US seniors (2534/14511) in the 2007 match. So that would be 82.5 %tile. Including Other applicants it would be 12.5% (3342/26820), which is the 87.5 %tile. Clinical Review calculator puts 241 at 86 %tile.

Is there a flaw in this idea?
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