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Jul 26, 2010
Hey everyone this is something I really wished I could tell myself as a M-1. I posted a similar discussion a while ago but I wanted a re-do. This is probably more beneficial to M-1s than M-2s..

During the summer of M-1 year I would have done pathoma and all the relevant UWORLD questions for first year (i.e. anatomy, biochem, embryology). I started pathoma pretty late in my M-2 year and never got a chance to finish because it takes so long to get through.

During M-2 year I would have started my step-1 prep much earlier relying on only 4 resources (First Aid, UWORLD, DIT, HY neuro and maybe pathoma) I would have done my first pass of FA with DIT so that I could move on to UWORLD. And then I would just do FA and UWORLD over and over again.

In my previous post I refered to a study done at Albert Einstein in NY - basically the more UWORLD questions students did the higher score they got

Becoming a doctor is like building a house and you need to have a strong foundation of the basics (i.e .Step 1). My attending was telling me that as a medical student this is the only time to learn the basics since every other board exam will be built upon the next....

Just one aside on pathoma - author has really nice drawings and tables that summarize important topics like Crohn's vs. UC or the timeline/complications in MI, etc. but it takes so long to get through and if weren't able to complete it during your M1 summer I wouldn't spend the vast amount of time required to get through it...
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Jul 3, 2013
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Why uworld and not a lesser (not as valuable to dedicated board prep time) qbank?