About to start MS2 and I am wondering which step 1 material I should purchase to coincide with year 2 material. I already have sketchy micro and pharm along with pathoma. What other step 1 review books/question banks are "must haves" for studying for step 1? I have reviewed some Step 1 threads but am confused as there are a lot of opinions out there. Any advice would be great or if you could direct me to a good thread about this that would be great too!

Taddy Mason

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Dec 23, 2015
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Pathoma for path

Sketchy for micro

Bootleg Kaplan pharm videos with Raymon for pharm

Robbins Review of Pathology and either USMLERx or Kaplan Qbank with lecture

UFAP (supplementing with Sketchy and Kaplan as needed) towards the end of 2nd year and into dedicated.
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