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Mar 15, 2002
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I know passing Step 2 is required to get ECFMG certification, and this is needed before starting residency.

However, does anyone know: Do programs generally require a Step 2 score from FMGs before considering their application, or interviewing, or ranking? Some programs mention that they do, but others don't.


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Some programs want you to have the certificate before they will look at you! Thankfully, most will be happy with you having completed the tests. The trouble is, if you want to be in the match, you have to have the exam results before the match. I think last year's deadline was Jan 31 for taking all the exams. And, don't forget that you have to have taken the TOEFL before you register for step 2 and the CSA.

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Jul 8, 2001
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Just a small clarification... You need the TOEFL only to take the CSA. You need all the exam scores (step1,2, CSA) by the rank-order list deadline to enter the match, you do not need the ECFMG certificate at that time. You can match, even without the certificate, but, you cannot begin that sweet residency spot you matched into without holding the ECFMG certificate. If you miss any of these crucial deadlines, then OOPS, leave it until next year. Do research or something to kill time. :p

Such are the requirements held by ERAS, ECFMG, and NRMP. Individual programs have their own little requirements. Some will look at you if you have only step 1, other may never look at you even if you have the ECFMG certificate and top scores in all your exams. :p

If you want to apply to california, have a completely different timeframe in mind. You should have all your exams complete before applying since you need all the exams to receive the california board letter.

Good luck to all. I'm knee deep in the app process now, but haven't got any out yet (OUCH). Still waiting for my step 2 scores... :rolleyes:
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