Step 2 CS: A Mnemonic for Knee Pain D/D

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    The Knee is a pretty common injury in Sports....So lets use the word 'SPORT' to our advantage on the Step2CS - a pretty good mnemonic for D/Ds for Knee Pain on the CS exam!

    S - Septic arthritis
    P - Pseudo-gout + Psoriatic arthritis
    O - Osteoarthritis
    R - Rheumatoid arthritis, Reactive arthritis (Rieters syndrome)
    T - Tophi (Gout), Trauma (Fall, Elderly Abuse and SPORTs!)
    S - Sac Inflammation (Bursitis)

    Each of these D/Ds should help you ask specific data-collection questions: :idea:

    For e.g. :

    Septic Arthritis : - Ask about fever, and a warm joint feeling
    Rheumatoid Arthritis - Ask about morning stiffness and other small joints...and so on.
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