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Feb 23, 2006
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Can anyone give me an idea of what the average step one board scores are for applicants matching at reputable PM&R programs?

I recieved a 223.
How competitive of a score is that in the physiatry world? :thumbup: :thumbdown:


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Apr 12, 2003
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If you did a search on that exact question, you would keep seeing the same response. The response that you would see is that boards, especially in PM&R, is only one aspect of the whole picture. Physiatrists are generally people who are easy to get along with, so they like to recruit people that can get along well with others. So your character, how you perform on your rotations is definitely important. Also, keep reading, do even better on Step 2, try to get good letters of rec, and research experience.

Again, if you do a search on this topic, you'll get some very similar responses.

Good Luck.
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