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Feb 28, 2008
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Does my stepfather's income need to be included on the FAFSA for the need-based scholarships? My mom makes a little more than my stepdad, but if I have to report both of their incomes it is about double what it would be if I didn't have to report my stepdad. Although I consider my stepdad to be my dad (never knew my biological father, mom remarried when I was very young), I was never technically adopted by him (and we have different last names).


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Jun 12, 2006
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I'm pretty sure if he supports you financially he must be included for need-based aid. Though even if he doesn't actually support you if he is married to your mother it counts. Interestingly enough the FAFSA doesn't really target your future year. It targets your past year. Though whether or not you were dependent in the last year doesn't make any difference for need-based aid on the FAFSA. In the end, you will get all of your subsidized stafford loans and you will have a relatively small chance of getting perkins loans or scholarships.
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