StepII, Advice please!!


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Oct 22, 2000
    Dear all,

    I have a fuzzy situation in front of me!

    For someone who took USMLE step II after clearing step 1,
    But, failed with bottom curve (below 70 percentile, step2 in first attempt),

    1. does it make sense to attempt next time,
    considering the IMG status and the low score in the first attempt? (heard that pass rate is low for that group?)

    2. If so (to query 1.) any advice on how to go about preparing for next time and how long should the preparation be, and what are the indicators that one is ready for next attempt (confidence is at the lowest :)?

    Hope experienced and well aware gurus can answer my query ...

    eagerly looking forward to any replies..

    thanks in advance,

    an IMG
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