Aug 8, 2013
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No, medical schools care about your cumulative GPA and your science GPA so you still have a good chance. Take more bio/chem/math/physics courses and get A's. Specifically, try and identify what's going wrong - what is keeping you from getting A's and A-'s? Fix it and see if you can pull up to a 3.5+ by the time you apply. As has been mentioned recently, a 3.5 no longer guarantees acceptance, but if your MCAT and ECs are in order then you will definitely have a shot at the top 50 or whatever.


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Jun 10, 2010
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The numbers aren't exactly stellar. Just keep in mind that the avg GPA for an MD accepttee is 3.6. The floor is ~3.4+

So I think I'm about to join the group of people with C's in organic chem. =(
This doesn't upset me that much because I know that one C won't kill my chances and that I can still prove myself in organic 2...BUT!

These were my grades in the sciences so far:

General chem 1: B+ (Lab: B+)
General chem 2: B- (Lab: A-)
General bio. 1: B+
General bio. 2: B+
College Physics 1: A (Lab: A)
Organic 1: definitely a C (Lab: B+)

As you can see, I didn't get a single A in the pre-requisite science courses that actually mattered (I heard that med schools don't really care about physics). To make things worse, I was 1% away from getting an A- in organic lab :( Until now, my hopes were set on getting into a top 50 med school. Now, I'm not so sure that's possible anymore. Considering the fact that I'm almost done with my science pre-reqs, does this mean I'm doomed?


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Jun 26, 2013
Good news! I ended up getting a B+ in organic. Big surprise =)

Thanks guys for all your advice!