MD & DO Still in the game? (Low GPA, downward trend)


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Jul 17, 2015
  1. Pre-Medical
    For the first half of my college career, my GPA was in the 3.7 range. For the second half, 3.0 range. Lots of family issues (immediate family member w/ substance abuse issues), personal problems (relationships), work (~10hrs/wk) and dedication to my research project contributed to the large downshift in my GPA. The aforementioned aren't meant to excuse my weak academic performance, but they are truthful contributors.

    School: Ranked ~75 USNWR
    Major: Neuroscience
    cGPA: 3.34
    sGPA: 3.19
    MCAT: Not taken
    Clinical: 6 Years as an EMT (For pay and volunteer, in non-emergency and emergent).
    Research: 1 Year in Neuroscience lab doing data analysis, literature review and running experiments. Middle author on poster presentation at an international conference. Possible middle author on publication. Reputable lab and great relationship with my mentor.
    Shadowing: 1 Day shadowing a plastic surgeon / dermatologist

    Any point in trying to take the MCAT?
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