Stony Brook University vs HOFSTRA vs St. John’s University (Queens)


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Apr 10, 2022
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So I’m currently a senior going into college next year and well, please help me out. I can’t decide on a college to commit to so I’ll list the pros and cons. Any feed back is helpful !!! Also, which one would you say has the better science program for med school?

Stony Brook U
Major: Biology
Pros- hospital right there so a lot of research opportunities and volunteering clubs, bunch of pre-med majors so everyone is kind of in the same boat
Cons- actually came out more expensive than the private schools since I’m dorming ( like 9k more) did not get into honors programs

Major: BS in Pre-Medical Studies
Pros- connected to Northwell so again a lot of opportunities there, tuition def affordable w/ Scholarship, small class sizes
Cons- again did not get into honors, 40 or so min commute

St. John’s University (Queens)
Major: BS in Biomedical Sciences
Pros- Honors Program, in senior year I can go to the NYIT DO program if I have a certain gpa (this is an option, but I definitely wanna try for other medical schools) small class sizes, cheapest of all 3 (basically full ride), closest to home
Cons- not sure how easy it is getting research/internships/volunteering done and don’t know how well this school’s sciences are, and well, that’s important

(I also got into Binghamton but that’s way too far for me)

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