Jun 20, 2012
Hi I took my DAT in July and bombed it. I am finally ready to start studying again. Any advice on what to do and how to approach this.
Do I relearn everything from scratch ?

I used DAT destroyer and Dr. Romano's class notes to prepare the first time.
Thank you


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Dec 22, 2011
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If you bombed it, then start from scratch. Building on what you did last time with a shaky foundation won't help, not to mention it was so long ago.

For bio use Barron's, Campbell's AP bio review book and maybe even the textbook (this text is used as a reference to write the test), Chad's bio videos as well as Alan's notes also on chads website. There is an enhanced version of Alan's notes floating around on here.

For Chem, use Chads videos for gen chem and Ochem and then destroyer to practice and that's all you need.

Chad also has math videos that are a good review, that is all I used so I don't have any more suggestions for that.

PAT use Destroyer to practice and watch tutorials on YouTube if you need to.
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