Aug 10, 2016
I feel like this is a common question on this site.

I am a recent grad from a four-year school, but my undergrad GPA is extremely low, at a 2.5. I have always wanted to be a doctor and I know that I will need to attend a Post-Bacc program, but I have a few questions.

Like many other people, I had some personal issues freshman and sophomore years, my GPA was at a 1.5 leaving me academically suspended from my university, second semester sophomore year. I was able to petition my status and go back to school that following fall, and would end up doing extremely well my Junior and Senior years obviously boosting my GPA from a 1.5 to a 2.5 upon graduation.

My question is this. Freshman and sophomore year is when I took Bio and Chem I, I did not fail, but I didn't do well by any means. Do I retake these courses at a four-year school or do I retake them at a community college closer to home? Will retaking bio and chem hurt my chances of getting into a post bacc program? Im so confused on what to do.

Money is huge factor as well seeing as my parents paid for undergrad and are not willing to pay for a second bachelors degree.

Thanks to anyone who can help in advance!


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Jan 11, 2015
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Hi! Just a quick question. Why would you retake bio and chem in a CC/state college when you're going to do a postbac anyway? Is the postbac for pre reqs retakes or just to take extra science classes to give your GPA a boost?