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Apr 18, 2015
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Hey all, been lurking for quite some time now and would like some input.

My freshman year of college I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I was a criminal justice major but I wasn't even dead sure on that. (Only selected it because my older brother was doing it). My first semester I only took gen eds so I wouldn't waste money if I did swap majors. (Got a 3.8 but it was all easy courses).

Second semester my friend took microbiology and he was a pre-med. He suggested I should take a bio class with him because I might like it since I told him earlier that I still had really no idea what I wanted to do. I got a D and honestly didn't care since it wasn't even part of my program. That summer I took an English class that required you to go out and search other professions/talk about what research they do. One of the professions I chose was my jaw surgeon, my dentist, (also a cop, a lawyer, and a doctor). I did some shadowing afterwards and fell in love with dentistry.

I swapped majors in the fall to Bio and I was a year behind so I stacked 4 science courses. I didn't do too hot, my sGPA was a 3.38. The main thing that brought me down was the class I retook I only got a B in. My other classes I did pretty well in (A-s and 1 B+).

Winter semester I took all sciences again and got a 3.89 (1 bio, 1 chem, 1 phys).

I also went summer semester and took all sciences again (which were higher level and much harder than the courses I took in winter, 1 bio, 1 chem, 1 math) and got solid As.

I plan to keep this up and my sGPA should be around a 3.75-3.8, oGPA around 3.85 by the time I graduate.

Will I have a chance to get into some good schools? (I'm mainly looking at Umich/Maryland). How much will my past hurt me/ will I have to settle for a post-bacc program. I really don't want to do a post-bacc which is why I've been trying so hard to get 4.0s.
Edit 2 years later (Finally)
SGPA 3.58, CGPA 3.70 (Includes recalculation of my early failing grade)
Pat:16 (was told not to worry, don't retake cause of this by

-Volunteering at 3 dental clinics (a large public hospital dental clinic, veteran affairs dental clinic, and a dental clinic for the undeserved). I wanted to grab a full grasp of the different populations you could work with as a dentist.

-1st place for oral presentation at a research fair with masters students
-Presentation of research at Veterans Affair reserach division and Michigan Physiological Society
- Awarded a fellowship and 1 other award through our schools school of medicine / department of physiology.
-Undergraduate research award winner
-Publication of an original research article in a neurobiojournal as first author

-Started my own start- up
-Participated in a pitch competition specifically black and latino co-founders and came in 3rd place while being the youngest team there
-Acceptance/completion into a competitive accelerator program for start-ups
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May 20, 2014
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You're fine. Just do well on the rest of your application.
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