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Apr 2, 2008
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    So my interview at Nova is this Monday and I came to fort lauderdale from canada two days ago with my mom. We've been touring around and just enjoying a laid back weekend. It feels like somewhat of a culture shock from canada but its been pretty good so far. The only thing that concerns me is the area that the campus is in. So it seems to be actually about a 15 minute drive outside of fort lauderdale..and although its on a major street there didnt seem to be much of a student life in the area. Well, we drove through the campus on a saturday so maybe it gets quiet on the weekends? Im just used to University with alot of student life because my campus is right downtown and there are alot of bars and clubs and restaurants in the area where students spend their time. And the area is packed with student apartments and townhouses...I didnt even really see much of that...Soo Im just wondering if any current nova students could let me know what the student life is like in the area because well I might be missing something and am disheartened for no reason!


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    Sep 15, 2007
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      I'm not a current Nova Student, but i'm also applying there. I live up in Central Florida, so I'm guessing that it is somewhat similar. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of things to do down there, but in Florida you're gonna need a car to get anywhere. Barely anything is walking distance unfortunately.

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      Aug 22, 2007
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        Student life at NOVA is a bit different from a typical college because it's a big commuter school. The students live all over the place...some live downtown, some live across the street, some on campus, some even in Miami. The result is it looses that 'college town' kind of feel to it that I was used to in undergrad. There's plenty to do though, there's lots of pubs and restaurants in Davie and you can always go downtown. Doesn't get cold very often. Canadians always say that beer is so much cheaper here too, they love those $12 boxes of Corona.
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