Student loans for master's program and Dental School

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Jan 20, 2020
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  1. Pre-Dental
I have a question about taking out loans for a master's program and dental school. My grades are not competitive enough to apply to dental school yet, so I want to do a special master's program first (BU OHS, Tufts MBS, Rutgers MBS, Barry MBS, NSU MBS). I was wondering for people who have done this, how have they financed this degree first, and then gone on to dental school and taken out more loans? I know there are limits as to what you can borrow, but i was concerned that I maybe would not be able to borrow more money for dental school if I am already in debt from doing a master's program. Can someone please tell me how they have done this (and yes, I understand that this is a costly route to go down but I know I want to be a dentist and am willing to do what it takes)?
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