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Aug 26, 2010
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But I'm getting some passages on subjects that EK never makes mention of and I feel like I'm wasting my time...

I started with SDN's schedule and diverted off track and kind of went with what I felt was best for me. I completed content review using EK for Bio and TBR for everything else like in SDN's schedule and then started doing TBR passages according to TBR's schedule. I finished Book 1 of Physics, GChem, and OChem without a problem and I'm feeling pretty solid in those subjects and my study plan so far but now I'm taking the Bio passages and I feel like some of this is coming from out of nowhere...

Passages on the Calvin cycle and on Beta oxidation...? Do I need to know this stuff? Would it be wise for me to push myself to finish and learn the information from these passages or should I only use the ones listed in SDN's schedule that correspond to the EK chapters and forget the rest?

My plan from the beginning was to do as many passages and practice tests that I could but I've got one month left exactly (May 24) and I don't have any time to waste!
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