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Aug 6, 2007
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I want to ask about studying in Ukraine and especially Kharkov State Medical University.
Some of my friends said that the study there is not good or exactly you will not be a prof doctor!!:scared:
but I think Ukraine is a nice place to study medicine and being a good doctor or not depends on the student:rolleyes:
I want your opinion about study in Kharkov and study language is English:confused::idea:

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I'd reccomend against Ukraine. ~ 30% of the population lives in poverty, many parts of the country don't have running water, and there has been a lot of political controversies in the past couple of years. Ukraine is not as bad off as someplace like Belarus, but it certainly should be one of the last schools on your list. If you are dead set on Europe, and don't have a lot of money, go with Romania ($2500 USD/year, or a school in Moscow or St Petersburg if you can afford it).

As far as quality of your training, I've heard a lot of these schools are not that great. If you studied in the Ukrainian language, that's one thing; I'm sure they produce fine doctors. In English, however, they know the students they get just couldn't get in to medical school in their own country. They know you will use them for their resources, and then leave their country. You won't be contributing to the healthcare system of their country, so what motivation do they have to make sure you are the best doctor possible? Of course this is a concern about any medical school outside of English-speaking countries (most of Europe and the world) that have English-language medical schools, but some have better reputations than others (Charles Uni in Prague, Semmelweis in Budapest, Jagiellonian in Krakow, etc.).

Bottom line: Ukraine has a lot of problems that will make studying medicine for a foreigner very difficult. Go a little further West if possible (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, even Romania, and lastly Russia) before Ukraine (this should be your last option).

I'm assuming you are not American. Are you: Indian, Malaysian, Iranian, Pakistani, or something else?
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Russia is going through a tough time, no doubt. But are you seriously trying to say Ukraine is in better shape? It's not; economically or politically. Sure, Kiev, Odessa, these are beautiful cities, but it takes more than a beautiful city to train a quality physician.

And I would not reccomend Russia; simply, if I was forced to choose between Russia and the Ukraine, I'd pick a Russian school.
That's exactly my point - Ukraine is much better place than Russia since 2004 and contrary to your choice, I would not only choose Ukraine against Russia, I would actually recommend it as well. As to the quality of schools and physician training - they are approximately the same, but life in Ukraine is not only safer for a westerner but much more relaxed. NOW.

Hmm, I wasn't agreeing with you, so I'm not sure how you can quote me and say "that's my point," as if we agreed on something.

Ukraine and Russia are both going through bad times. I would reccomend neither of them, however if I was forced at gunpoint to choose, I'd go with Russia. It is less politically unstable than Ukraine, in better economic shape (especially Moscow and St Petersburg), and generally more used to foreigners studying there.

As far as studying medicine dirt cheap in Europe (in English):

Czech Republic/Hungary/Slovakia/Poland
Supposedly OK
Supposedly Not-so-great
Strongly Advise Against

If yo uare from these countries, then it might be a different story; but as a foreigner, I think it'd be real tough to stay there for 6 years.