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Studying again

Hi guys

I was wondering what are some resources you guys have used for Gchem and Ochem. I have destroyer but I guess it wasn't enough for me. I scored 18 on both and am hoping to raise my scores my second time around. I used Kaplan blue book and used Top score for my practices. My fear is that I'll remember the answers from the first time I went through them. I hope you can help me. Any encouragement and advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. You guys have any tips for Gchem? Especially with those Acid Base rxns? Hope to hear your responses. :)


There are only really a few "types" of questions you can get for Gchem. Periodic Table questions are pretty easy and you should get all of those right. For the other questions I mainly focused on recongnizing exactly what type of question it is, after you do that all you have to do is recall which of the formulas you memorized applies. I spent little time actually calculating problems, most of the Gchem section just requires you to set up the problem anyway. The studying you have to do for the QR section makes the math involved in the Gchem section a joke... good luck!
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