Studying for the Boards for FMGS


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Jan 26, 2001
fairfax, va, usa
    Hi everybody!!! I'm a US citizen who's finished up medschool abroad. Now I'm coming home to start studying for the boards. Does anyone have any advice on what topics to study for step 2? i.e what fields to concentrate on and which ones to not spend too much time on. The reason being is because we were taught to memorize memorize memorize adn then puke it all out. In the US, a lot of learning is concept oriented. So i need to know more about the methodology of studying as opposed to WHAT to study. Also, if anyone can recommend some good review books and/or materials...please let me know. Oh, and is the Kaplan course worth it? I was thinking about taking the 6 month deluxe prep but i need more input. That's about it for now, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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