May 11, 2016
Veterinary Student

So the situation is as follows: there's this biology or chemistry test needed to be taken in order to get into medical school in my country (in Europe). I have now done the biology test 2 times, but before this test (which is prepared by the university) there was an exam in another format (which was prepared by the state) and I've done that also for 2 times. I've done the old format chemistry exam once and the new one also once.

Both tests have a max score of a 100 points. In order to get in, I should hit a pretty high 90 points in one of those tests. My best attempt is 81 in biology and it was 3 years ago...I have tried to do better ever since but I just cant seem to get there. Chemistry is pretty weak so I'll probably stay with bio.

The mystical thing is that the materials are the same. I've read the same books, the same high school materials over and over again each year. Done mock exams, tests, exercises and every time it seems that THIS TIME I freaking know everything :D. But yeah..of course the tests aren't just about knowing facts. There are many trick questions, that require for you to think logically. But I know all that. I mean I'm prepared, but how can you prepare yourself more than you are told you should prepare.

I do admit that most of my studying consists of just reading the books and then reading the notes (that have been made by someone else) aand then reading everything all over again and then doing some tests, but writing things down from a book just seems so idiotic to me. I remember stuff by reading it enough times. Especially as I've read those same freaking books for a hundred times now.

Soooo here comes the question: am I just not able to do the damn test well enough or can I do something special to reach the 90%.

It's so irritating. I feel strong before the test and then BOOM, I see questions I don't know the answers to. It's like, I only hit like 70% by standard with the information that has been given to you to study and I have to find the missing chapter for extra 20 points myself. I mean wth srsly..