Studying Medicine in the Netherlands (I have a degree in Biomedical Science and a PhD in Medicine)

Aug 12, 2015
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I have completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science (Hons) and PhD in medicine (finished) in the UK. I am not a UK citizen but used to be dual nationality, Dutch/Nederlands (and used to be South African). I was able to study in the UK as a EU home student (moved to the UK as a child with my parents).

As much as I enjoy research I want to be closer to the 'action'. My significant other and I moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands just over a year ago from the UK. After all my studies and a few other experiences I want to study medicine (become an MD).

Will having a BSc (hons) and PhD in Medicine increase the chances of being selected? (I will be able to register as Dutch Nationality but I don't have the Dutch diplomas required).

So, I need some advice regarding my chances of getting into Maastricht- I assume I need to contact the University in question (probably Maastricht as their international track in medicine seems very good). My mum is Dutch and I am native speaker in Afrikaans (similar to old Dutch) and English. So the first 3 years (Bachelors) will have to be in English as I am still learning. The last year living in Amsterdam has allowed me to 'pick up' Dutch so I can communicate and read but I am still shy about it and my pronunciation sucks (my Afrikaans comes through too much and it confuses people).

BUT I don't neccesarily want to live in Maastricht for the whole 6 years (we bought a place in Amsterdam and I have a dog) so I will live in Maastricht Monday to Friday. I am getting on in years (28 years old) so I need to decide and get a move on.

I will do the Masters of Geneeskunde in Maastricht if I absolutely have to but I would prefer to do it closer to Amsterdam. (I am female btw).

I also have a more specific question- when I looked at all the application procedures (they are quite confusing) I read that once I have applied via StudieLink that I will have to send a Portfolio to Maastricht during the application process. What does this Portfolio entail- do I require specific things such as volunteer work in a hospital, etc.

Thanks in advance for whomever reads all of this and replies! Lili
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