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    To anyone that can help, please do

    Hi, I am a 26 year old American graduate with a Bachelor's degree with Honors who is very interested in studying in the UK for my US equivalent of a MD degree, I believe the UK term is MBBS or MBCHB. Honestly, I am not sure. My interest is due to the fact my father was born and raised in Cambridge and I still have family in Edinburgh and London. I am very unfamiliar with the UK terms and how to compare my American coursework and see if I would qualify for your school. In the US, I graduated with a 3.6 GPA cumulative which is an A average. Furthermore, my coursework includes: 1/2 years of Biology, Zoology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Histology, Genetics and 1 year of Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and 1/2 year of Calculus. Any advice you might have as to my competitiveness at a UK school. I really appreciate any advice
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    I'm not sure I could answer your questions, because i don't know much about the entry for international students for Medicine in the UK.

    You could try posting your query in the UK equivalent of this BB @:

    The board is hosted by Barts and the London, which is a medical school but all sorts of people, from all different Uni's post there as well as sixth formers (who are in the process of appying) like myself. :)
    They're all really friendly people and will do their best to help ya!! :D :D

    At the moment the board is down, so you won't be able to access it, but keep trying and hopefully it should be fixed in a week or so!! :D

    Hope to bump into ya there someday!!
    Good luck with your application :)

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