Stupid F****** SDN premed D****

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Aug 1, 2005
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Ok, I have a little problem with all of you bitches. First of all I think the fact that you need to hide behind a computer and type about how much you would like to go to medical school and become a doctor is a bunch of ****ing bull****. All of are ****ing *******. You know why? Because you are hiding behind a computer.

Getr you dick out and swing it around. The only people who go to medical school develop their own path. They don't sit and ask questions online because they are sure of themselves. The rest of you are FAILURES. Especially all or you needy mothers who think a ***** and a kid will get you a seat on the directors lap. Just because you took a fat dick and had a baby does not give you the ability to overcome everything; especially medical school.

You don't like my grammar. Suck my first year cock because I made it. Not because I "posted on SND" because I was myself. No one could question me because I don't hide behind a computer.

**** all of YOU!
Not open for further replies.