Stupid Loyola Letter - Anyone Else?


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Dec 19, 2003
    I was wondering if anyone else had this experience in the last few days...

    I am waiting for a letter from Loyola and I happened to get one in the mail yesterday. I was very excited but also very anxious. I held it up to the light before I opened it and I saw through the envelope that there was a "business reply" return envelope included. I figured that it could not be a rejection, right? Why would they want anything from me if they had rejected me?

    I opened it up quickly and started to read and realized that the letter was inviting me to apply to their medical MA program! What a bunch of s***! Do they know that it is both cruel and unusual to send this letter out at this time when everyone is all hyped up? I assumed that this was another way of telling me that I was rejected.

    I called them this morning and they said they were still reviewing my file and were unaware that a "different" office had sent these letters. BUT, they would be happy to give me the phone number to call if I was interested in the program! I feel like not only am I most likely rejected, but they are just trying to get an extra year of money out of me. I was really interested in this school, but now my respect has dropped a notch.

    What do you think?


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    Jul 2, 2003
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      There seems to be quite a few of us who got those letters. I saw a couple folks mention it in the "Loyola Class of 2008" thread and I got one too. Try not to stress out about it - I think the MA program either did an enormous mailing or screwed up somehow by sending it out to those already in the process or accepted at Stritch.
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      Nov 18, 2003
        i think they just did a mass mailing based on aamc info. i got one, and i haven't even applied to stritch.

        kind of like getting mailings about podiatry, optometry, etc. schools just because we took the mcat.


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        Oct 11, 2003
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          I got one yesterday saying "congrats on the great MCAT scores. Now we want to help you meet your next goal, matriculation." Well, if I had great MCAT scores, what makes you think there would be an issue with matriculation?
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