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Submit AMCAS before or after I receive 1st Author Pub?

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Apr 27, 2009
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    What you can do is wait to submit your app a little bit later like in late June/early July (that should still be pretty early for the app season). Hopefully, you'll hear from the journal by then. If your paper gets accepted right away, you can just put it on your app. If you don't hear by then or if the paper gets rejected *knock on wood*, submit your app and update the schools later when the paper is accepted.


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    Mar 25, 2012
      Hey everyone,

      I am submitting a first author publication (my only publication) in less than a week or so. My PI is well-renowned in his field and the likelihood that this will get published is almost guaranteed. However, the submission and review process for manuscripts submitted by my lab takes about a month to finish, but it could take longer. I would also like to submit my AMCAS by June 1st. I was wondering if my publication does not get published before that date, if I should delay submitting my AMCAS until my publication goes live, or submit anyway and write "submitted" by the title of my publication?

      Thanks for the advice!

      In all likelihood, unless your PI is a member and is contributing your paper to PNAS, the review process will take much longer than a month (from submission to acceptance). You never know when you'll get a cranky reviewer who who wants extensive revisions, or other roadblocks. Submit AMCAS and update schools later.


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      Nov 18, 2010
      1. Pre-Medical
        I feel like the difference from 'submitted publication for review' and 'published' is not large enough that it alone will net you interviews. Therefore you will still get the same interviews you would have gotten without it and you can just talk about your publication at that time.


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        Sep 12, 2010
        1. Medical Student
          Submit ASAP and update schools on their secondary applications.

          A majority will have a place where you can add additional comments. For now put in your activities section that you have a publication submitted/approved for publication.


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          Apr 27, 2011
          1. Medical Student
            Submitted manuscripts are not worth including. The things worth including in your app under the "Publications" designation are manuscripts that are "in press" (so it has been accepted already for publication but the editors are just looking for space) or published.

            Otherwise, you could possibly mention it in the associated "Research" entry on your app but even then it isn't worth much. It simply is not impressive to submit a manuscript because anyone can pony up some money to submit something. Anyone could submit a paper to Science on May 31 and write it on their AMCAS if they wanted to waste a bunch of money.

            You can't talk about future activities on AMCAS.

            OP, don't try to wait for the manuscript to be accepted. That will take forever. Nothing ever goes according to plan with these things. Save the (hopeful) publication for an update letter later on or even a secondary app if it goes fast. BTW, we are talking about a national or regional journal and not an undergraduate or university one, right? A month seems like a really fast expected turnover time for a journal. I think I had one manuscript that took a year and a half from initial submission to publication for a particularly slow journal
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