Submitting AACOMAS

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Jan 2, 2001
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Hi all, I submitted the AACOMAS application today! YEAH!
You can always make changes to it correct like when you get the MCAT scores back, if you plan to take the August MCAT, you can put that on there?
Is there any way to verify the status of your AACOMAS application online? Please let me know



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You can always make changes to it correct

Hrm. I was wondering about that after I submitted my application. I tried logging in
today, and it looks like they won't let us make any modifications until they finish processing our application.

like when you get the MCAT scores back, if you plan to take the August MCAT, you can put that on there?

You know, I had the same question so I called AACOMAS to see what they had to say about my situation. Their advice is to indicate on your application that you will plan to take the August MCAT. It may delay your process if you later decide not to take the August MCAT, but it's safer than not indicating your plans to take the August MCAT.

Is there any way to verify the status of your AACOMAS application online?

I think it takes approximately 4 weeks for them to complete your application. After then, you could verify the status of your application.
I'm excited, too!!! I also e-delivered my application today. Before I actually had it sent out, a screen popped up that recommended I review all materials before sending it out since AACOM won't let us revise out application unless it is done in writing. As for the MCAT, I also just indicated that I was planning to take the August MCAT. Good Luck!!!! :D
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I didn't indicate I would take the August MCAT. I hope this is okay. I guess I'm an optimist. I was under the impression though that after the inital processing, you can resubmit the application with the change if necessary telling them you will take the August MCAT
I just wanted to congratulate all of you in your successful submission of your application.... Now it's more wait. Welcome to the application process....!!! :D
Hi all,
I also submitted my application a couple of days ago. Suppose this means that there's no going back now! Exciting, and a little frightening. Are you all preparing for secondaries yet, or is it just too soon?

It is way to soon to be thinking about secondaries! It takes about 4 wks for AACOMAS to process the application anyway. I need to enjoy my summer and relax once these are all in and the MCAT scores are back. I need to get rid of the stress that is been present in my life for the past year! I'm waiting to wish it good-bye for a while
Mossjoh is right, just chill for awhile and enjoy "the eye of the storm."

Before you know it, those secondaries will come rushin' in.... My first secondaries that came from osteo schools arrived at the end of June/beginning July... so not too far away.

Then invites for interviews..... what a process!!!

Anyway, enjoy the eye of the storm.... Popoy
One question for all of you guys that submitted the aacomas: Dont you think it would be a good idea to wait for your mcat score before submitting it? What if you didnt do so well and wanted to take it in august but you put down in aacomas that your using ur april mcat. From what i understand once u click submit, your officially done with ur primaries and there's no turning back.
I'm happy to take the advice of leaving the worry about secondaries until they arrive!
This summer will be MUCH better without the addtional stress
As for waiting for the MCAT scores before applying, I think it's a personal decision. I'm not even testing until August, but decided that I wanted to take my chances this year no matter what. It's definitely a risk...and man does it pile in the pressure for the MCAT!

No, I think you can resubmit the primary application and indicate that you will be taking the August MCAT. AACOMAS will then pass this info onto the schools you applied to.