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Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by amerpsycho, Nov 24, 2005.

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    Hey All-

    Im a new member and after reading through all the threads (particularly about study techniques and people skipping class, etc), I started to really analyze myself.

    I'm an MS1 who had a really sucky first semester. I managed to pass everything, but a few classes just by the skin of my teeth. I mean I had these thoughts before I started about really excelling and doing well. I went to a tough undergrad school and did well there without too much effort, got into med school without too much stress, and overall have taken it easy. But now in med school, I realize I suck! My methods of studying haven't really worked. Even group studying doesn't work for me. It just freaks me out with all the stuff everyone else knows and I dont know.

    I go to all the lectures and come home just plain tired. I sit down to do work and the freakin' anatomy prelab stuff takes me a couple of hours and after that I am just plain burnt out. I screw around for a while before hitting the studying some more and hitting the sack, but I never accomplish everything I want. I wake up tired and head to lecture to be bombarded all over again.

    Its not my grades that really get to me. It's more that even though I enjoy the material and really want to be a doctor, Im just miserable in med school. I'd feel better if I could manage my time better and do better in school and be more confident. What do you guys do? How do you adjust your studying? Do you think I would benefit from some home schooling, i.e. skipping class and studying on my own? My school videotapes the lectures, but only puts them in the library not online. Also, how do you fit in other stuff to do? Do I need to reprioritize what is important?

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    You may be the ideal candidate for "home-schooling." If your school has a scribe note service or pre-printed packets, skipping class is even easier. I recommend you catch up on your sleep (get 7-8 hours every night) and start hitting the books hards. If you think staying at home is too distracting (phone, frig, TV, etc), go to the library and study as much as you need. Within the first 2 days of skipping class you'll notice that you feel alot better about med school and life in general. G'luck.
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    When I first started off, and thank God it's over now, I was simply exhausted when I got home.
    The commute for me is about 45 minutes or more in traffic(alot more than I am accustomed to) , and the days were sometimes long(8-5).
    I have since growna accustomed, and can do alot more now on evenings.
    Are you on any vitamins?Gets regular excercise?

    With regard to studying, you have to find your niche , we can't really suggest it for you. I basically study when I 'feel to'. That doesnt' mean I don't study when I HAVE to, but most times if my mind isn't all there, or I find myself wandering I just throw away the entire evening on the phone or just relaxing. Don't force yourself if you can't do it right now.

    Try studying in 1 hour increments, taking 5-10 minute breaks inbetween.

    Do you watch TV before sleeping?If so then Dont.

    Cheer up, everyone has to start from somewhere. In Highschool I was always the underdog, always just passing. You only have one place to go but up. Work hard, and smart to get there.

    With respect to group studying, yes there is always someone that knows more, the trick is to ignore your feelings of adequacy with respect to not knowing what the **** they are talking about, and simply act as a sponge absorbing it all. I woudl really rather group work, but my smart friends rather work alone...bloody gunners.
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    I think what you are experiencing is normal. One thing that helped me was to just focus on the syllabus.

    Try to read it once, do a practice exam, and look up the answers in the syllabus as you are taking the exam. Re read sections that you don't understand.

    Don't get bogged down in the textbooks, just use them for reference, and keep a medical dictionary nearby.
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