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Suggestion for taking Anatomy course in Texas? (Preferred Dallas area)


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Apr 17, 2017

    I am a non-tradition applicant graduated in 2017, who will be applying in 2022 cycle and I wanted to take the 3000 level anatomy class (highly recommended by dental schools) or A&P 1&2 to be in preparation for dental school. Any online or community college suggestions to take this course?

    Due to COVID-19, I have heard that some community colleges are doing online courses for both A&P 1&2. So I was wondering whether I should take this chance.

    I would be greatly appreciated for your feedbacks!

    Thank you!!


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  • Feb 5, 2020
    1. Dental Student
      If you're looking for a great school in the Dallas area, I would recommend UTD. They have a really strong STEM curriculum, and their classes are pretty affordable. There's also SMU, but it's a really expensive private school, and I don't know how strong they are in the sciences.
      I'm taking A&P 1&2 online this summer at community college, but that's just for timing purposes. If you have the time and funds for 3000 courses, I'd probably recommend doing that.
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