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Apr 30, 2010
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  1. Pre-Dental
DAT: not taken
GPA: 3.66

55 hours shadowning GP dentist (I am going to try to get this to 100 before applying in June.)

Biology club member (2 years)
Philosophy of Art cofounder and member (2 years)
pre professional club member (3 years)
pre professional club officer treasurer (1 year)
pre professional club ellected VP (will be VP for a year but will not be VP before I apply I have only been elected)

chemistry study group leader (1 year)
Chemistry TA (1 semester)


Tick identification and collection freshman year (1 semester)
Lung worm parasites (continueing 1 semester complete and 2 more semesters expected)

volunteer work:

Meals on wheels
3 years (during the summers 252 hours is a rough calculation of the the time put in)

Extra miscellaneous stuff/ awards:

Deans list: 4 semesters
played guitar for 12 years ( I record my own music :))
played piano for 2 years

I used to play airsoft (kinda like paintball for those who are not familiar)
I know how to completely take apart an arisoft gun mechbox.
-I was thinking that this would be a good showing of manual dexterity along with the guitar and piano playing. These mechboxes are 6 inches X 5 inches and have well over 30-40 small parts. putting one together is quite a feat of manual dexterity. ( would you guys think this would be worth putting on an application??)

I guess the only things that are giving me trouble are:
- a C+ in general chemistry 2 (I took it as a summer class)
- shadowing hours (only 55 hours currently but I am going to try to get that to 100 before I apply)
- The DAT is giving me a bit of healthy anxiety. I have not had good experiences with standardized tests. Although I will be studying hard for this. Hopefully I can hit a safe zone around a 19 or 20.:xf:

Oh and I almost forgot. I have the required LORs although 2 of them will be great and the 3rd might be a tad weak. I had a professor that was going to be a great LOR but after looking over what the LOR requirments are I realized that I should have 3 and 2 should be hard science and 1 should be a dentist or work related LOR (Non academic). problem was that I had a dentist and chemistry prof and a sociology professor. So I had to get a different professor in a last minuet switch. Hopefully it will turn out.

What do you guys think. Any suggestions that I could do with the remaining month and a half before I apply?


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Dec 11, 2007
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  1. Pre-Dental
shadow other dentists, and other specialties. I thin the broader view you have the better, that way not all 100 hours are isolated to two or three practices. Also, getting whatever extra LOR's might not hurt either just to be on the safe side (without being excessive. And also, you arent really considered complete untill you complete your DAT so you have a decent amount of time i believe before you need to submit. (this might give you another few weeks, as it's probably still a good idea to submit before you take your DAT that way your grades are verified (2weeks?) and schools can receive your app.


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Feb 29, 2012
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  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
If you get at least a 19 on the DAT I think you'll definitely see an acceptance somewhere if you apply broadly. 20 would be ideal. Anyways good luck, your resume looks impressive!


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Apr 30, 2010
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  1. Pre-Dental
Thanks for the response. I have heard that some schools prefer that you dont shadow specialties, but I have also heard what you have said. I think it depends on if the school offers specialty training.
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