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I'm an MS-4, and I was hoping to get to do a Radiology elective this year, but it's not looking like it will work out. I want to do family medicine, and want to have a decent working knowledge of at least CXRs and the common stuff on CT and MRI before I start my intern year. I've seen a lot of ortho Xrays and the usual stuff on medicine, but I'm still not really comfortable reading films.

Can you guys recommend a good review text or software program that I can work through this year that will hit the highlights? I want to feel reasonably confident in looking at films going into my intern year, at least when it comes to the common stuff you see in the ER and on the wards.



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Apr 9, 2001
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I usually recommend the following texts:

Squire's for those who want to go INTO radiology

Essential Radiology by Gunderman for those who want to learn some radiology and are going into other specialties. It's pretty good reading, not as dense as Squire's, and it has good clinical correlation stuff I think.

Felson's IS great for Chest X-Rays.

If you want something really quick and dirty but good basic stuff you should know...get Fundamentals of Emergency Radiology by Wiest...very small review book that you could read in a week or less.

I just finished internship(a transitional year) don't need to learn anything about CT or MRI for internship. Trust me. If you read any of the above books you'll be ahead of your peers that didn't do a radiology elective...and maybe even some that did.

Good Luck.
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