Summer 2011 PCAT UBC 2012 admission where to send?

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Nov 17, 2010
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Hi guys

I have found information about this topic related to American schools but none to Canadian schools. Hopefully someone can help me out with an answer!

I want to write the PCAT this summer (2011) and I am planning to apply to UBC pharmacy for the 2012 admission cycle. UBC admission won't start until the fall, probably after I'm finished writing the PCAT. I am currently not a UBC student.

Registration for the PCAT begins this Friday April 1st. I believe that in order to complete the registration process with Pearson you must specify where you want your score sent to or at least “know which recipients you want your PCAT scores sent to before registering.”

My gut feeling is that UBC will have access to all scores in a database but the scores only become available to them once we apply but I just want to double check.


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I am not sure what you are trying to ask.
You should go ahead and sign up for the PCAT and put UBC as one of your score recipients. When you apply for UBC and fill out the online pharmacy application, they will have a section for your PCAT score and they will verify it by the comparing it to the scores sent by Pearson.
They will only look at your scores sent by Pearson if you have everything else completed ie - the transcripts sent, the admission application, pharmacy application etc.