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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by dcdo, Apr 30, 1999.

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    Jan 26, 1999
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    What are the best things to be doing during the summer after 1st year with an eye towards getting a good future residency? I have an internal med doc that I'm shadowing, and I was thinking about driving around to some of the places that I'm interested in.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Mar 20, 1999
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    My recommendations...

    Go to Hawaii like I did. Enjoy the time away from school. Don't make medicine the only thing in life. Now that you have started medicine, it will be a part of your life until you die (or win the lotto). Take as much time away from medicine as you can because as you go through medical school, residency and then practice, it will become more difficult.

    Stop worrying about residency. Get through the first year, the second year, the boards before you need to worry about getting a good residency.

    Now, when you work on your clerkships during your third and fourth years, try and do them at places where you might want to do postgraduate work. When you are there, get there early, leave late, work hard and get along with everyone. THAT, my friend, is what gets you into the residency of your choice!

    Brandon A, MS4
    Western University/COMP

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