Summer classes at JC?

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Nov 6, 2001
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There is a JC by my university and I was thinking about taking classes there this summer bc it is A LOT cheaper. I would still be in Berkeley taking mcat classes and being a ta for a class. Would it look bad taking these classes being enrolled in a 4 year university?

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nah man. its not gonna matter one bit.

brick took most of her classes at a jc and got interviews to places like hopkins.
what class is it?

the only thing that is important is your grade!! make sure to get the same or higher as your berk classes and you should be just fine. the GRADE MATTERS MOST!!
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Originally posted by jlee9531
hey nra you going to dvc?

No I was thinking about Vista, its like a block away from my apt. I actually live closer to vista than I do to berkeley:laugh:
Any other opinions?
Hihi guys!

In response to your question, I'd say it depends on what class you're taking and what your grades have been like up until this point. If you have done well in your classes so far, then just do well in your JC classes and you'll be fine - I don't think anyone will care. On the other hand, if you take some of your core prereqs (Bio, Chem, OChem or Physics) at a JC, and tagged a buncha Bs and Cs at Berkeley, it'll definately look fishy, and some adcoms will wonder if you did it to get easier grades (even if it's flat-out not true). Just something to think about!