Summer Internships: Personal Statement

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Jul 31, 2010
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For this summer, I'm trying to get into a research program anywhere in the states really. I've compiled a large list of fellowships/internships and have begun my applications, spoken to professors for recommendations, etc. Practically every program requires a personal statement of intent, which I really want to do well on. I know all the programs want to see a real interest in research and dedication for the field. I definitely have the components to put together a good statement, I'm just wondering what would be the best way to put everything together.

I currently have a research internship where I've gotten trained in oocyte electrophysiology, brain slice physiology, RNA injection, etc. One of my recommendations I intend to get from the doctor in charge of the lab. In terms of my interest in medicine, that mainly stems from a younger sibling who had cancer, and eventually was treated through a stem cell transplant from me. I know the whole "relative with cancer" spiel is cliche and usually just tries to invoke sympathy, but that isn't my intention.

If anyone has applied and gotten accepted to one of these research fellowships I'd love to hear any advice. Thanks everyone :)

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