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Jul 21, 2002
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What do you guys think of summer programs? Do' they do anything for you? ARe they worth applying to? What schools offer them? I think marquette does but not sure. I know some of the texas schools do? not sure Will they allow you to interview with them if you get in? HAs anybody done them?

Wow I am like intergating everyone on this thread. All I need is a haze of smoke and a really brite light pointing down. Good cop , bad cop sort a deal.


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Jul 31, 2002
toledo, oh
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if you can get into one of those summer programs, so for it! they are competitive, so if you are lucky enough to be granted a place in a summer program, by all means do it.

this past summer i was accepted a few of those programs, (university of Michigan, UCSF, BAYLOR, UCLA)....

i chose the one at the university of michigan school of dentistry.... it was 6 weeks , like 25 students stayed in teh dorm... we did kaplan DAt prep, we observed and assisted if you wanted in D-3 and D-4 students in clinic. we got to go to the lab and take impressions, wax teeth, grind teeth, a bunch of things... it was a lot of fun and you make sweeet friends and have a hell of a time. I also know the director of admissions on a name to name basis, as well as 2 other people on the admissions committee.

so... it was a great expereince and i would reccomend it to anyone without reserve. especially at U. of michigan, the people are so nice, the administration is, and the city is cool.

hope this helps

sadeq :D


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Feb 19, 2002
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hi hockeydentist,

you probably know about the baylor and uth summer enrichment program (sep). for those programs, i heard they pick mostly students from a slight disadvantageous background. if you dont think you fit into those categories they asked you to check on the applications (ex. low income family, low performance high school), then you should apply for the research program instead. i was in the research program sponsored by UTHSC this past summer, did research in the dental school. it was just as rewarding as the sep i would say. i had the chance to sit in some of the classes for the sep students, such as dental anatomy and lab. it was fun. i'm not sure if the sep would enhance your chance getting into that specific school, but it wouldn't hurt to get your face recognized by the the professors.
good luck.

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