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summer research resume

looks like mae

Full Member
10+ Year Member
Oct 14, 2008
San Antonio
  1. Pre-Medical
I'm applying for a summer research internship and they ask for a resume. I was wondering if I could include volunteer experience and other things from high school. The application only says:

" Current resume showing work history including paid and volunteer positions that are research oriented and non-research oriented. Describe positions in sufficient detail that reviewers may understand skills required, responsibilities, and training. Also include relevant courses, laboratory skills and extracurricular

Should it include all of my work/volunteer history, including that of high school?

Thanks for any feedback!


Full Member
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Dec 11, 2007
  1. Pre-Medical
The career center at my school answered this question for me recently. If you're a freshman or sophomore, it would be appropriate to list both high school and college experience, EC's. If you're a junior or senior, just leave the college stuff unless it's an activity that you have been working on continuously from high school.

I'm in the process of filling out a similar application. Which program are you applying for, if you don't mind me asking?
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