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Feb 16, 2005
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Hello all,

I'm a Premed at a Canadian University and was planning on applying to med. schools in the states, because its damned near impossible to get in Canada because most schools need atleast a 3.7 GPA just to be considered.

My question is, do school in the U.S. care if you take vital courses like Physics, or Organic Chem. in the summer session alone? As in just taking them by themselves with no other courses, hence giving a better chance to get a high mark in these challenging courses. :D

If they do accept courses taken in the summer, do they prefer someone who has taken say Organic Chem or Physics in the fall/winter sessions over someone who has taken them in the summer alone?

Also does anyone know a website that summarizes all the requirements for all or most of the medical schools in the United States?

Thanks in Advance ALL :)

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Nov 8, 2003
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CanadianPremed said:
I would really appreciate some help guys :)
I took Organic over the summer. The profs made it very clear to everyone that Organic in the summer would not be easier than in a regular semester, and it wasn't. Just be prepared to work your tail off! I ended up with A's in both parts and when I interviewed, it wasn't a problem. I also worked full-time while taking Organic I and II over the summer. Be prepared to have no life. It is definitely do-able. :)

Good luck!
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